3 Ways to Ruin Your Life: Which Ones Have You Done This Year?

Thinking of ways to make your life difficult? Probably not. That’s often when the worst things happen. Here are ways to avoid derailing your life.

Drug or Drink Driving

Having a couple of drinks after work and then driving home can be tempting. Perhaps you ate along with your drinks or lost track of how many you had. It can be easy to think you are safe to drive when you’re not. In addition to the risk of your drink driving causing injury or worse to you and others, just an arrest for drink driving can be devastating for you. Expect to lose your driver’s license, face heavy fines, and possibly time in jail. Hiring a solicitor who specialises in drinking driving may be able to help but, obviously, the smart choice is to avoid putting yourself in that situation.

Keep in mind that arrests for driving while under the influence of drugs is on the rise. In some areas, new roadside testing is making it much easier for law enforcement to prosecute drivers using drugs. Even prescription medications can be grounds for an impaired driving arrest, depending on the amounts consumed and other factors.

Forgetting ID Protection

Identity theft is on the rise. In addition to the standard need to avoid revealing your computer passwords and other personal information, new technologies are making it even easier for thieves. Without even seeing your credit card, scammers can steal your personal information.

It is important to protect your passport, credit cards, and debit cards by keeping them in RIF-blocking wallets or purses. This will block scammers from extracting information. Without this, you could become a victim of identity theft. While you can work with law enforcement, your bank and other institutions once your identity has been stolen, typically victims of these types of crimes spend years clearing their names and credit records after their identity has been stolen. Protect yourself now before the damage is done.

Not Taking Your Shots

Rates for formerly preventable illnesses are on the rise. This largely due to people failing to be immunized. For many people, there is a sense that they don’t need to get a vaccine because other people are vaccination, thus reducing the number of people spreading disease. There is also a huge amount of misinformation making the rounds which has convinced some people that vaccines are either unnecessary or dangerous. Don’t believe the urban legends. Protect yourself by making sure your immunizations are up to date. This is particularly important if you travel.

School attendance usually requires immunizations to be current. Once we leave school, it can be easy to let our medical standards lag. This can put you at risk of developing serious, even life-threatening problems. For example, tetanus vaccines can save your life but once is not enough. While most people receive a tetanus vaccine as a child, as adults, tetanus vaccines should be received every ten years in preserve your protection from lockjaw. Work with your medical team to make sure your immunizations are current. New vaccines also periodically become available and they should be added. By taking a few minutes to get immunizations now, you can spare yourself from enormous problems down the road.