6 Benefits of Running Unrelated to Weight Loss

These benefits of running will see you hitting the tracks because running isn’t all about losing weight after all! Even though bursting lungs, sweaty faces, and thin legs are often associated with running and even considered the consequences of being an active runner, you shouldn’t give up on this sport just yet.

While running remains an understandably tough and an uncomfortable sport that leaves you stinking and even in pain, we recently uncovered other benefits that come with running, and none of them are associated with losing weight. Working with one of the leading PR agencies Toronto, running, an activity I picked a few months ago because of high work-related stresses, is turning out to be the best thing I’ve done for my body.  Some of the benefits that you get from running, other than a fitter body and an improvement in the lung capacity include:

  1. Running gives you power

Everyone who runs has the question ‘why do you run?’ thrown their way many times and often, you cannot sensibly answer the question. However, on behalf of all people who enjoy running, let’s just set the record clear – running makes you the most powerful person you could ever imagine.

At first, it is a hurdle, your chest burns up, and you cannot get past a few miles before you start coughing or you limp back home. However, after a few weeks, your body gets conditioned, and running gets easier over long miles. With time, you run faster for minutes and hours. Within months, you look back on your journey, you appreciate what you have done, and you appreciate your body even more because of what you can do. In short, running empowers you.

  1. Ideal me-time

In the real world, there is a lot expected from you and you hardly ever get time to be alone with your thoughts and to reflect on everything going on in your life. However, running time is always the best time to think and reflect. With technology taking over our lives, running presents a perfect opportunity for you to disconnect from the internet, social media, and everything else that comes with technology.

If you have been looking for an opportunity to consciously miss tech, the email and the social media notifications, even for a few hours, running is your perfect and safe escape.

  1. You get to run your worries away literally

If you cannot get your mind to stop thinking about your problems, run, and let your worries run away with the wind. Unlike other sports where you are forced to stash your problems at the back of your mind because your competitiveness comes around, only to deal with the problems when you are relaxing, running lets you deal with your problems as you put one leg in front of the other. Running forces you to think about your problems, frustrations, and solutions, and in other cases, it just helps put things into perspective. Running, is, therefore, the perfect solution for anxiety.

  1. Grounds for better creativity

If you feel like you are hitting a snug in terms of your creativity, you should consider getting your running shoes and start hitting the tracks or the trail.  At first, everything around you is a distraction, but with time, the distractions transform into ideas you would never come up with sitting behind a desk. While you may never come up with a solution to manage global warming completely, running gives you a unique and fertile setting to put your brain to work and to create award-winning concepts.

  1. You feel alive when running

Running gives you an invigorating and an exhilarating feeling whenever you propel your body forward through space. While everyone has low days, the day you decide to go for a run turns out to be the best day of your life.

  1. You feel great

Being able to process all your negative emotions, feel alive, and feel empowered automatically make you feel as if you are on top of the world. To top it all off, running improves your fitness levels, overall health, and you even achieve your dream body. It is also hard for you to make poor eating choices when you are always running.

So, if you are looking for a running high, stressed or facing a rut in creativity, try running.