As a Domestic Traveller in Australia, You Must Have Racked Up a Bunch of Frequent Flyer Points

If you tend to travel a lot within the country, whether for work or to meet your loved ones, you probably use an airline service. While most people know about frequent flyer miles, they tend to disregard them when flying domestically. This might be because frequent flyer points are perceived as being more important for international flights.

However, the fact is that tracking your Virgin frequent flyer points will enable you to drastically cut down on the expenses you incur on domestic flights as well. Certain airlines, like Qantas, even offer Domestic Upgrade Rewards that you can take advantage of. Let’s have a look at what you can do to take advantage of your frequent flyer points.

Use a single airline if you tend to use the same route.

Airline companies don’t usually inspire loyalty within their users. Customers generally tend to go with whatever airline is offering the lowest fares to their destination at that point in time. However, there is a flip side to this. Any frequent flyer miles you accrue then become difficult to use with another airline. If your airline is part of one of the three major alliances (Star Alliance, OneWorld or Skyteam), it might be easier for you to use the points you’ve gathered on one airline on another airline that belongs to the same alliance.

However, certain airlines, like Virgin, aren’t part of any alliances, and so points accrued on them aren’t transferable to a different airline. So if you tend to use the same route often, it might be a good idea to stick to one particular airline. While it may be more expensive at some times, you’ll be able to actually make use of the frequent flyer miles piling up, and lower your expenses in the long term.

How to manage and track rewards programs

If you’ve been using more than one airline service regularly, you probably have frequent flyer miles scattered across them. This can make it tricky to actually manage those points when it’s time for your next flight. There are certain tools and apps, however, that can make it simpler for you to view all your points from different frequent flyer programs from one single place with just one login. Points Bank, for example, is one such tool that lets you link your loyalty programs and track them so you can see each program’s balance automatically. You can also check out an activity statement for each program, as well as the last time they were updated.

If you’ve been flying domestic without being a member of any frequent flyer program, sign up for one immediately. Don’t wait to start flying internationally for this. In fact, quite a few mileage programs allow you to claim points from flights that you had been on one to two years before you became a member of the program. Join one to start cutting down the expenses incurred by flying frequently.