Excellent cryptocurrency Exchange benefits with Solomon Exchange ICO

Recently Solomon Exchange has announced they are revealing their own ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which is called SMNX ICO. It brings a new platform for users who need their own kind of cryptocurrency for buy and sells with more user-friendly, securely, strong algorithmic mechanism trade. These innovative features bring a new revolution in upcoming ico. Their first priority is to provide excellent and reliable trading platform for the users in future. The Solomon Exchange ICO symbol is smnx and they are releasing approximately 15 million SMNX.

Early Benefits- The Solomon Exchange ICO token crowd sale starts from 28th August for 1 month.  They offer reserved 20% extra benefits for early contributors which are called early birds for first three days. After that 15% extra discount for next 7 days for and 10% extra for another next 7 days. So, early users can able to get the benefit of Solomonex. This new ico is user-friendly which encourage instant transaction and exchange process.

Globally Acceptable- The Soloman-Exchange platform integrated with 30 leading best cryptocurrency exchanges like Asia Pacific, South America, North America and Europe where the user can easily convert their cryptocurrency to their local fiat currency. Their unique professionals in the field of effective currency exchange. It will support 24×7 for necessary steps regarding security and global crypto currency such as bitcoin.

Secure and Safe-This new ico has been hailed as the best ico in the online market which is backed by bitcoin and ethereum community. The SMNX ICO has become the part of the best leading trend on ICO currency exchange in the future market. The secure system is also integrated with SMNX Cryptocurrency exchange program for the safety of your digital currency. And Cloud trade is also one of the best features in this program. With this, you can able to exchange your currency globally.

Referal and Bidding – In Solomon Exchange program they are including referrals and bidding programs. Now it becomes common programs which online users use in daily life but with this user can get an extra discount for their further trade. Another option is bidding with this you can raise your bid with the previous one for sale.

Payment Gateway- They use ETH and BTC payment mode for ICO exchange and trade. It is integrated with top ten cryptocurrency exchange gateway like Credit Card, Coupon Redeem, UnionPay, Solid Trust, Paisa and more.

You can find on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SolomonExICO/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/solomon_ex
Medium: https://medium.com/@solomon_ex
Slack: https://solomonex.slack.com/⁠⁠⁠⁠