Halal Food Market – Factors That Driving the Rapid Growth

Muslim consumer world over demand for high-quality and varied Halal food. In fact the Halal certification is a worry for more than 1.6 billion worldwide Muslim populaces in light of the fact that numerous Muslims live in non-Muslim nations where Halal certified food is hard to find. If you’re one such restaurant owner and want to have Halal certificate then you need the help of Halalxpert.

Factors That Driving Growth for the Halal Food Market

  • Growing Muslim Population: According to research, Muslims population at present makes up around 23.2% of the world population. With the rise of the Muslim population, food-service chains such as Nando’s and KFC now have Halal outlets. Supermarkets in Europe are stocking up on frozen Halal foods while Pizza Express uses Halal chicken.
  • Higher Income: Increasing income levels among the Muslim population are fuelling interest for Halal food. A growing Muslim population and in addition monetary improvement in nations with extensive populations of Muslims makes this a lucrative fragment to put resources into.
  • Growing Awareness and Demand: The awareness factor play important role for both the Muslim as well as non-Muslim population. The Muslims are becoming extremely conscious about their religious while the non-Muslim are expected to shift towards Halal food due to rising concerns about unhealthy and unhygienic food.

Road Blocks for the Halal Food Market

  • Global Standard: The absence of a single integrated global Halal standard is a dampener to industry escalation. Each nation has contrary certification standards due to the existence of diverse Halal authorities. Take help of Halal认证 if you want certification in china.
  • Integrity: Maintaining respectability all through the Halal store network has turned into a noteworthy worry for Muslim consumers, with fake Halal certification and physical sullying of food items on the rise.