Phenibut For Anxiety – Check Dosage, Safety, And Buying Tips Here!

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Blame the busy schedules or the lack of simplicity in life, many people suffer from conditions like anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia. If you are one of them, nootropics can help. While there are many names, Phenibut is a popular one. Developed in Russia, Phenibut is ideal for people who deal with unexplained anxiety, societal anxiety, sleep disorders and depression. Below are some of the aspects worth knowing before buying and using Phenibut.

What is Phenibut?

Phenibut is one of the first nootropics to be developed in Russia. It is commonly prescribed for anxiety, insomnia and depression. It is very similar to GABA in terms of the molecular structure, except that it has an added phenyl ring. For the uninitiated, GABA is a neurotransmitter in the brain that’s responsible for controlling anxiety and promoting a balanced state of mind. GABA supplements don’t work as expected, because it cannot across the blood-brain barrier. Phenibut, with that small change in its molecule, is capable of offering the same results as GABA. Apart from a feeling of comfort and wellbeing, Phenibut also helps in calming the mind and promotes good sleep.

How to buy Phenibut?

FDA has not approved Phenibut for medical use or anxiety treatment. However, you can still buy it in countries like US, UK and Canada in form of dietary supplement. It is possible to get this supplement in powder form from online stores, which is also the easiest and affordable way to keep a check on the dosage. One kilogram of Phenibut should easily last a year for most users.

Dosage and safety recommendations

Nootropics like Phenibut work on the Central Nervous System, and therefore, you shouldn’t mix this drug with sedatives or even with alcohol. Also, if you are taking medications that may impact your CNS, it is important to have a word with your doctor. In terms of dosage, most people start with about 250 mg per day, which is probably all you need, although it is safe to consume up to 1500 mg per day. Do NOT use Phenibut for days at a stretch, as the body may develop tolerance towards the drug. If you are using a higher dosage, reduce the same at the end of the cycle in a gradual way to avoid the withdrawal symptoms. Also, the drug is best taken at night to avoid drowsiness.

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