RO, UV Or UF: Which Purifier Is Right for Your Water Purification Needs?

Almost all the water supplies of the world are contaminated with one thing or the other. This is why it is important to use a water purifier. But choosing the right purifier for your purification needs can be a difficult thing to do. To choose the right purifier, you need to know what kind of impurities is present in the water you get at home. This can be known after conducting a water test. Once you have conducted the water test, you would know which purification would be the best for you. Read on to find out which water purifier is right for your purification needs:

  • UF Water Purifier:

The lowest level of purification is done by UF water purifiers. These are gravity-based water purifiers, which makes them ideal for home. All you need to do is fill impure water from the top and the water gets purified in a non-electrical way. This means that the water passes through a hollow fiber UF membrane. This UF membrane doesn’t let impurities larger than 0.3 microns pass through it, which makes all the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens stuck in the membrane as pure water passes through. This type of purifier is good for water that is free from hardness but prone to water borne viruses.

  • UV+UF Water Purifier:

UV+UF water purifier provides double water purification to ensure that there are no pollutants in the water. Even for UV+UF water purifier, the water supply shouldn’t have hardness. UV+UF water purifiers have an added UV purification. UV or Ultra Violet Radiation is used to kill the bacteria and other pathogens before they are passed through the UF membrane. UV is harmful to bacteria and other pathogens and they can’t survive exposure to UV radiation. These water purifiers use double purification making water for your family extra safe.

  • RO+UF Water Purifiers:

RO stands for Reverse Osmosis and it is the one and only purification technique that is used to keep Total Dissolved Solids in check. RO purifiers use a special TDS controller that keeps the TDS value of drinking water in check. In the reverse osmosis process, all the harmful minerals like calcium and magnesium salts are kept from flowing into the pure water with the help of a semi permeable membrane. The impure water gets discarded, which can be used for cleaning and other purposes. The pure water is then passed through the UF membrane. UF membrane keeps all the pathogens out of the final pure water that is poured into the container. If your water supply has hardness or heavy metal impurities, you should always opt for a purifier with RO in it.

  • RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers:

This is the best type of water purifiers. RO+UV+UF water purifiers implement all the purification technologies to give you the purest possible water. They are expensive as compared to the above mentioned purifiers, but they are certainly worth the money. If you are unsure of the impurities, it is always better to go with the best. RO + UV water purifier is carried out before water is passed to the UF membrane. RO process is taken up in the beginning after which the water is subject to UV radiation. Then the water passes through the UF membrane. The final water is pure and has no impurities of any kind.

Make sure to test the water before you purchase the water purifier as it is possible that the supply has some kind of impurities that your water purifier doesn’t purify.