The Truth about Hair Loss

There is nothing pleasant about hair loss, so it’s understandable that scientists try to figure out what causes this problem, how it can be prevented, and treated. Over the years, there appeared quite a lot of high-quality medications to treat alopecia, and provides you with the information that you may need when researching these modern drugs.

Hair loss and what you need to know

Some of the popular hair loss myths and facts include:

Hair loss happens at an older age: Myth
Even young people can experience alopecia depending on their genetics, diet, harmful habits, consumed drugs, and prolonged periods of stress.

Hair loss is from the mother’s side of the family: Myth

It’s quite a common myth that you should look at the mother’s side of your family to see if you are likely to experience hair loss. According to the research, this predisposition can come from any side of the family and it doesn’t matter if you look at women or men.

If your hair didn’t start falling out before 40, it will stay that way: Myth

Another popular myth is that if your hair didn’t start falling out or thinning before the age of 40, it means that you are good for the rest of your life. Unfortunately, aging affects all parts of our body, including hair.

Modern medications to treat hair loss are effective: Fact

Nowadays, there are plenty of medications that have been proven effective in the treatment of hair loss. Generic Propecia is one of such drugs used for the treatment of male baldness and it has improved the state of hair for numerous patients.

Cutting hair makes it grow: Myth

Cutting hair doesn’t affect its volume in any way, as the follicles are not influenced by this procedure. While the hair may get healthier overall if it was somehow damaged, the sudden growth of hair is not something to expect.

Hair loss can be triggered by vitamin and mineral deficiency: Fact

The quality of hair can definitely be affected by the improper nutrition, which can lead to hair loss over time. It’s important to get enough vitamins through the diet or at least supplements to make sure that the hair doesn’t start falling out.

The use of steroids can negatively affect hair: Fact

According to the research, anabolic steroids cause the increase in the level of male hormones that lead to hair loss. Such reaction of the body is especially relevant for people who are already prone to hair loss, as steroids can speed up the process.